Project Development

Project Management

Advisory services

Gim solutions’ asset lies in its understanding of all parts of a project in an international context

Project Development

Optimize the response to your needs, identify markets, finance and enhance your project

The added value of GIM solutions lies in its ability to integrate all aspects of a project thanks to the wide experience of its collaborators.

The added values of GIM solutions

  • Experience and knowledge of various products,
  • Experience and knowledge of various markets,
  • Experience and knowledge of development processes: legal, administrative, technical (mastery of all technical trades), financial and fiscal aspects.

The GIM solutions methodology

1. Analyze a need or a market or a decision in principle to invest:

  • Market analysis: figures, trends, vision.
  • Analysis of a need: programming.
  • Exit strategy on the market (sale, rental, etc.).

2. Constraints analysis:

  • Town planning, traffic, soil test, pollution analysis, budget and time.

3. Project optimization.
4. Development of a business plan.
5. Development of a financing strategy and the corresponding financial model.

GIM solutions,
your partner from the project inception to the start of construction

Project Management

GIM solutions, your international partner for project management

The added value of GIM solution lies in its ability to position highly experienced senior managers to lead and monitor each phase of the project, as a representative of the investor(s).


Fields of activities

Residential, offices, retail centers, healthcare projects, hotels and hospitality, entertainment (cinemas, amusement parks), logistics park, education and industrial plants.

Urban planning:
Smart cities (eco-district) infrastructure: mobility, environmental, airports, pipelines, ports, roads and bridges and all storage facilities.

Renewable energies:
Photovoltaics, energy storage and hydrogen solutions.

The GIM solutions methodology

Capacity of integrating all aspects of project management: technical program, design, studies, budget, legal and administrative matters and taxation at all faces of a project implementation:

– Market program

– Design, studies, budget

– Tendering, contracting

– Construction

– Hand-over, commissioning


– Start of operations.

GIM solutions, from the start of construction to the start of operations

Advisory Services

GIM solutions, 360-degree consulting service

Advisory services :

  • Contract management
  • Claim management (mediation, arbitration)
  • Lender technical advisory services


GIM solutions is the partner for all the services needed by clients, consultants, and contractors during the development and construction process.

Gim solutions’ asset lies in its understanding of all parts of a project in an international context